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Excuse me? Where exactly on the front of the Bible do you see my name?


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The dinosaurs didn't believe in you either.


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You can have another kid when you learn to take care of the first one.


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E=mc². Yeah, that's one of mine.


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You're not tracking those bloody footprints in here.


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If I wanted you to have so many kids, I would have given you a bigger planet.


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Six days? Yeah, right. I'm a scientist, not a magician.


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You'd better have stopped fighting by the time I get back, or you're all grounded.


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If you seek to know my ways, read a damn science book.


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I don't care who started it. Just stop it.

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God is your Lord, Master, and Ultimate Creator. He likes puppies, baby snakes, and long walks on the beach that leave only one set of footprints. He saw a bunch of billboards where people tried to put words in His mouth, and they weren't good, so He thought he'd come up with a few of His own.

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